Multitrack music SDK

Include iKlax multitrack file format in your software and open multitrack music format playback facility for your users.


for Windows XP/Vista 32bits / MacOS 10.5 32bits

Rules analyser

Provided for MPEG IMAF reference sofwtare
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- SDL (1.2.13): website, sources
- Libsndfile (1.0.19): website, sources
- Ogg (1.1.4): website, sources
- Vorbis (1.2.3): website, sources

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Discover iKlax multitrack music technology

iKlax mulitrack music file format is an audio file in which you can add multiple stems of a track. You can add guitar, bass, drums etc...
Once integrated in a player, user can mute, solo, mix each stem of the track.

iKlax multitrack music encoder and decoder allow you to enhance your audio player, software or hardware, with a multitrack music file format playback system.

Please read the Licence before publishing a sofwate including iKlax multitrack music technology.

Following are the links to the Library Binaries (FREE download) and to the documentation.

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How to use the iKlax SDK?

With the encoder

You can integrate the iKlax multitrack music file encoder to your Windows or Mac software and createmultitrack music files.

Main encoding functions:

  • addition of separated stems in one file
  • adjustment of single stem mixing parameters
  • management of a complex stem structure (hierarchy, different versions of the same instrument, stem groups, etc…)
  • definition of mix presets
  • definition and control of mixing rules
  • export functions

Some examples :
  • plugins/addons for Cubase, Protools, Audacity, Fruityloops, ...
  • create a multitrack music Direct Show Filter
  • audio creation software, sequencers, ...

With the decoder

You can integrate the iKlax multitrack music file decoder to your Windows or Mac sioftware and play iKlax files.

Main decoding functions:

  • multitrack playback (sync, mix, etc…)
  • presets playback and new presets creation
  • multitrack mix control (volumes, track selection)

The decoding functions open the doors to develop plug-ins, codec, DirectShow filter, etc… for digital music players. Multitrack music listening becomes as easy as playing an MP3.

Some examples :
  • plugins for Windows Media Player, Winamp, VLC, ...
  • create a multitrack music Direct Show Filter
  • audio based software
  • games (karaoke, music, ...)

Used in a mobile app, the SQK allows playing up to 10 stem tracks simultaneously and used in PC/Mac software, up to 100 stem tracks.

Mixing Rules Analyser

The SDK integrates a patented mixing rules analyser (rules checking and solver) to control user interactive listening experience.

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